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12-Nov-2017 23:30

So, I woke up rather groggy, spread out on my bed buck naked, with a raging hard on! I checked on you but you were already passed out." Shit and damnation! There was a very pregnant pause in the conversation. I got to see her pussy lips from a closer vantage point. She straightened up and closed the dishwasher door. " she asked, unabashedly staring and my 6" of thickness. A few pair had cum stains from when I jerked off or had a wet dream. Done with my underwear, she started putting hers in.

I hadn't gotten laid since before final exams in May, so I was horny all the time. Normally, I would have jacked off but I wasn't in the mood. You were rather drunk when you got home last night and woke me up." she stated. A few touches later, the dishwasher was humming away. "I'm sure you have some dirty laundry so take it down to the basement. Since there was no way to hide it, I just stood up. Before I could stop myself, I blurted out, "Take a look in the mirror! Among the usual bras and panties, she had some rather racy sets, too.

We didn't need the money so she did consulting part time, just to stay sharp. Things have been slow since the end of the fiscal year. " I'd heard about National Nude Day but never knew anyone who observed it. I went into my room and started to get dressed when I realized that this was a waste of time. It had gone cold but I didn't dare stand up to get a refill. I could clearly see her pussy lips while she did this.

Mom was a freelance CPA and worked out of our home. A few minutes later, she exclaimed, "Today is National Nude Day! The water turned cold so I got out of the shower and dried off. It looked way more inviting than my FWB's from school. She had to stand on her tip toes to get the creamer from the top shelf of the cabinet.

It was now confirmed that Mom was as turned on as I.

I grabbed her pack of Virginia Slims and lit one up.

Other than the lack of a bra, I didn't see anything. Mom stood and reached over the table to get her pack of cigs. Mom looked me up and down and said, "You've grown into a fine young man! For a second, I thought Mom might be trying to seduce me. My question was answered when cut open the safety seal. Instead of returning to her seat opposite me, she sat next to me at the end of the table. She dumped the leftover coffe into the sink and opened the dishwasher door to put the coffee cups in. By the time I got there, my cock had started to soften a bit. Mom was very orderly about such things so I did likewise. I grabbed an arm load of underwear and dumped it into the washer. You know that doing that is just going to make the washer out of balance! I'd met her a few times and frankly, wasn't impressed.

I've got the day off so I'm going to clean the house." Even though she only had a few clients, Mom had worked over 60 hours per week in June, so being slow made sense. Mom was quite house proud and never let the house get less than spotless. She always took deep drags and exhaled a lot of smoke. "I'm going to do something today that I hadn't done since before you were born. " I felt my face flush again as my jaw hit the table. I found my cigs and walked downstairs, wearing just my birthday suit. I was semi-hard when I walked into the dining room. I must have made a face as Mom asked, "Need your coffee refreshed? I thought this was odd since Mom usually kept the creamer in the fridge. I got the same view again when she opened the cabinet to get us clean cups. She kissed me on the cheek again as she placed my cup in front of me. Had she not crossed her long legs, I would have gotten a perfect, unfettered view of her pussy! Her nipples appeared erect, but I wasn't sure as it had been years since I'd seen them. There was a palpable sexual tension in the room, so thick a chainsaw couldn't have cut it. "The house isn't that dirty so I think we'll start with dusting and vacuuming," she stated. "Then we'll see what else needs to be done afterwards." I was hoping Mom meant something other than chores! Mom grabbed our cups, saying, "I'm going to start the dishwasher before we get started." I watched Mom walk away, simply staring at her perfect ass. Upstairs, I grabbed all my dirty clothes and hauled them down to the basement.

"I'd really appreciated it if you helped me with the house today." "Yeah, sure." I answered. Mom had taken a long shower so I wondered if she got extra clean for me. Mom never exercised so I was amazed at how tight her ass was. Mom stroked me for only a few seconds before she broke our kiss, bending over to take me on her mouth.

There was nothing naughty except a search for National Nude Day a few days ago. Since I was going to be nude with Mom all day, I took extra care to make sure I cleaned everything at least twice. More specifically, her eyes were locked on my cock. She took me in her arms again, continuing our embrace from the laundry room. She kissed my cheek again and said, "Honey, your cock has been hard all morning. As we kissed, she reached down and stroked my cock. Her nipples didn't get any stiffer as I touched them, confirming that she had been horny when I first saw her earlier! I was immediately put in first class on a fast plane to seventh heaven! She placed her hands on my chest to maintain her balance.